Kindergarten Readiness – Conversations with Guest Experts #5

For each radio show on Learn and Play with Mrs A, I take notes because I’m learning so much about kids and kindergarten readiness from fascinating guests who are experts in a variety of areas. Each of them is passionate about kids and loves the work, or maybe that’s play? Here’s a play-of-the-day suggested from our play-of-the-week conversations and a little information about these awesome guests.

Speech and language development is a major part of children’s early learning. From cries, to sounds, to a few words, to whole conversations, children develop the skills and abilities to use language in just a few years. During a conversation with speech and language specialist, Lynne Patrick, she mentioned lots of ways and activities to support children and provide language stimulation such as songs, stories, talking together, and books. Book aren’t just for reading, they are for talking, too.

developing kindergarten readinessFor a play-of-the-day how about a talking book? An old favorite book is Bow, Wow, Meow. The story asks a question and the kids say the answer, “How does the dog go? Bow wow. How does the kitty go? Me-ow. How does the clock go? Tick-tock.” There are many books and stories that kids can read along, add words, and finish the sentences. Can you and your child “talk” a book today?

Here is the podcast link for the conversation with Lynne Patrick:
Lynne Patrick/Learn and Play with Mrs A

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