Kindergarten Readiness: April Fool’s Day Pranks for Kids

Kindergarten readiness can’t be too serious, especially on April Fool’s Day. Silly little pranks are one way to help children develop their sense of humor. While we think humor is just a reaction to a funny event, it actually involves some complex thinking. First, children need to be able to tell that what is happening is not usual or normal. Once they have recognized that is unusual, then they need to respond on an emotional level, sorting out if they will be scared or delighted. Babies love when parents make silly faces or funny noises and may laugh and giggle with glee. But those same faces and noises can be scary on an unfamiliar face.

April Fool's pranks for kidsOlder kids are figuring out how words and meanings can be funny. When young children tell jokes the punch line doesn’t always match. April Fool’s day is a perfect time to practice humor, but kids will need guidance and supervision. Some funny things to do at home might include:

  • switching the bags inside the cereal boxes
  • putting a few drops of food coloring into water to look like juice
  • stuffing the toes of shoes with tissue or toilet paper
  • April Fool's pranks for kidsbuckling a stuffie into the driver’s seat of mommy’s or daddy’s car
  • calling kids by the wrong name, or mommy can answer when a kidlet says daddy and daddy can be mommy
  • sitting in somebody else’s place at the table
  • kids can wear mustaches and clown noses
  • wearing clothes backwards
  • answering a banana when the phone rings

Laughter is healthy, and we all love jokes. Humor is one of the ways that we connect and interact with others. What fun and learning April Fool’s pranks might happen at your house?

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