Kindergarten Readiness: Sensory Play for May #3

What sensory play and kindergarten readiness activity comes wrapped in blue sky, golden sun, and a rainbow of other colors? Some fun outside of course!

sensory play outsideNature contains endless opportunities for sensory stimulation. Just a walk can have lots to see with clouds, flowers, trees, rocks and bugs. Sometimes it’s hard to hear nature sounds in cities but, if there are no birds or brooks, kids can make some with 2 rocks tapped together. Any newly mowed lawns with the smell of grass? A picnic snack of fruits and veggies is one way to taste nature. Tree bark, soft grass, smooth stones, and wind are nature that kids can touch and feel.

In a yard, kids can interact with nature as they collect treasures such as twigs, pine cones, bits of bark, stones, leaves, and other things. A spoon and some containers are great for playing in the mud. With a few toys, kids can imagine and create as they play in a sand box. A pail and some dirt can make a home for a worm.

sensory play outside in natureSensory play stimulates the brain. Did you know that 90% of the brain is developed by age 5? That’s why play is so important for children, to encourage the growth of brain connections. And time outside supports the connection of kids to nature. Double the fun and learning. What does your child like best about outside play time?

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