Happy Mother’s Day

mothers-day-cardEarlier this week, Nicolle Nattrass, actor and writer of the solo play “Mamahood: Turn and Face the Strange”, was a guest on my radio show. She thought of motherhood as life on another planet. We’ve all been there and wondered if this is indeed some sort of alternate reality.

The role of mothers in the lives of children is special and profound. Even before they are born, babies recognize and prefer the voice of their mothers. It’s no wonder, kids want to make something wonderful to give their moms for Mother’s Day. There are probably more ideas circulating on blogs and Pinterest that there are kids to do them. But kids often have their own ideas.
Big Sister (4) took a look through the fabric scraps and choose ones she wanted to use for a Mother’s Day card. They needed lots of glue to stick. The ‘card’ is the side of a box and it couldn’t be folded. Little Sister, almost 2 years old, picked a few items from the craft box. Whatever your children do will come with hugs and kisses.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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