Father’s Day Fun Ideas for Families

fun family activities for fathers-dayThe best part of celebrating for some people might be the great food while for others it could be the getting together. For kids, the most fun is often what we do. Having fun as a family reinforces that special bond and builds memories. Activities do not have to be elaborate. Fun can be inexpensive and simple. Here are a few ideas for some Father’s Day fun.

Instead of going to a restaurant for a special breakfast for dad, kids can help pack a breakfast picnic. Items such as hard-cooked eggs and cinnamon buns can easily be eaten with fingers.

fun family activities for father's dayDoes dad have a favorite park or playground? Round up some balls to kick, throw, and catch for some play-time with dad.

Washing the car for dad can be more play than work. After using lots of sponges and warm soapy water for the washing, the rinsing can be with the hose. Listen for squeals and laughter as the hose squirts everybody instead of just the car.

fun activities for father's dayMake dad a crown and let him be “king-of-the-castle.” Hmm, what might dads ask kids to do?

Dad might like to take a hike, or mom and the kids can take a hike and let dad have some quiet time.

There might be a special event in the community or a different adventure.

Spending time together is important for families and supports children as they develop socially and emotionally. What might your family do to celebrate Father’s Day?

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