Summer Fun, Learning, Eating and Cooking with Kids

Summer fun can happen in any room in the house and especially the kitchen; with all the wonderful veggies and fruits currently available, kids can help “cook” some great treats. Much more than kindergarten readiness, a positive attitude to healthy food choices is a life skill. The following words are from a friend who posted this on Facebook:

Jill Hamilton MartinSomething that really made an impact on me this past weekend was to realize what a bad role model we were for our children in the health and nutrition field as they were growing up. We were feeding them (and us) pizza 2-5 times a week, fast foods all the time while traveling–(of course the large fries!)–because it was cheep and fast, heavy starchy foods, breads, pastas, gravy, sweets all the time, all kinds of soft drinks, ice cream, etc. etc. You get my point. As I reflect back on the years that God has graced John and myself to raise our children, this is the one area we did not take seriously enough. We are learning more and more how important it is to feed our bodies proper nutrition. It has been so much fun this last year to make many changes in our lives – especially in the “food category”. We feel so much better … And younger!!”  (Jill Hamilton Martin)

I so appreciated this insight. As always, hindsight is 20-20 but these words can help others. Especially over the summer, we can involve children in the preparation of food and gently guide them to make good choices. Plus, there’s other fun and learning included. Some things that kids can help make are:summer fun and learning activities

  • fruit smoothies
  • fruits on a stick. Popsicle sticks are not as pointy but grownup hands need to help
  • fruits with dips. Yogurt thinned with a bit of juice or milk makes a fun dip.
  • veggies with dips. Plain yogurt or salad dressing can be thinned if needed.
  • fruit and/or veggie pictures. Kids can arrange food in patterns and designs. How food is presented is certainly part of it’s appeal and part of the fun.

These are just a few quick ideas. Do you have some “food for thought” when it comes to helping kids make healthy food choices?

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