Summer Fun, Kindergarten Readiness and Music

Playing, singing, and listening to music is both fun and learning for kids’ brains, kids of all ages that is. Online has a super graphic of music’s impact on learning. Here is part:

Music's Effect-Online
Music’s Effect-Online

As we listen to music, we train our ears and brains to notice small differences in sounds. That helps for learning language. Many words sound almost the same. Music is built on patterns and being able to recognize patterns is a critical thinking skill. Music also helps for learning math. Music has notes that go up and down and math has numbers that go up and down. Music has silent spaces between notes, math has zeros. Both have patterns. All this is important for learning and kindergarten readiness.early brain development and music

Music also strengthens memory. This week a local radio station has a feature called Parental Guidance and is asking listeners to tell what music their parents listened to that maybe they didn’t like at the time, but appreciate more now. Many listeners suggest music that is connected to powerful memories of growing up and family life and tugs at their emotions.  Emotions are also influenced by music and it can have a stimulating or relaxing effect.

We do not need to limit family music to Raffi or They Might Be Giants. Children can be exposed to other types of music. Of course, some music might not be appropriate for young children but kids need to hear a variety of sounds and styles. What music can you listen to today or play at home to support your child’s learning and kindergarten readiness?

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