Kindergarten Readiness: Connecting to New Adventures

developing kindergarten readiness and self-confidenceWhile this is a wonderful new adventure, courtesy of his big sister, I’d be exactly like his mom who said it nearly gave her a heart attack. There are other new adventures and experiences for kids and parents, maybe not as exciting as this one is though, for fun, learning and developing kindergarten readiness.

When kids go off to preschool or kindergarten, not all of it will be new experiences, but certainly some of time will be unfamiliar for your child. To help kids cope with the unexpected they need to have some practice. Having new adventures and challenges before they get to school will build children’s self-confidence. There will be much that is new later on and kids need to feel capable of coping, just like they have done before. Can you imagine the confidence this young boy will feel when he finds himself in a new situation? While he looks nervous and anxious, could there also be a bit of enjoyment? I’ll bet he’s told lots of family and friends about it! I’m not sure about you, but I think I’d maybe pass on this experience…

We can think of confidence as a skill, like learning to cut or color. Rather than using hand and finger muscles, confidence uses some mental and feeling ‘muscles’. Exercise and practice are for more than just bodies. Personally, I think I’ll skip this one but for a play-of-the-day today, can you and your child have a new adventure?

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