Connecting to Music for Kindergarten Readiness

Last week, I was at a seminar for business entrepreneurs, and one of the recommendations was to listen to music! Did you know that’s important for kids too, for fun, learning and kindergarten readiness? When it comes to business, I need all the help I can get because the kindergarten level is where my entrepreneur skills are. Thankfully, listening to music is easy to do.importance of music for developing kindergarten readiness

Listening to music stimulates more than toe tapping and hand clapping. Many parts of the brain are involved, as well as the body and our emotions. The brain connections and pathways that form as kids listen to music help kids to be music-smart and will benefit language, math, and science. Music also stimulates creativity, and kids can create their own music and rhythm. Instruments can be as natural as two rocks tapping together and as convenient as hands and feet or kids can use real ones.

Music has rhythm, and life is based on rhythm. Think of our heartbeats and breathing. The rhythm of rocking is soothing and bodies respond by relaxing and sleeping. Lots of singing games will use a clapping rhythm. Kids will happily drum a rhythm on anything, including the cat. Pots and pans make drums with lots of noise; a wooden spoon and a phone book make a quiet one.

imporatnce of music for kindergarten readinessUnlike having a business where experience and knowledge are so important, you do not have to have a great voice or play a musical instrument in order to include music for your child. From even before birth, babies will respond to the voices of their parents, so don’t limit singing to just the shower! Besides singing, include listening to different types of music, and participating in music fun. Often, there will be children’s performers at community events and many bands in parades.

Are there some ways to make and enjoy music for your child’s play-of-the-day?


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