Dreams, Communities, & MLK Day: Int’l Day of Giving

mlk-ready-to-readMLK Day is spreading around the world, honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King asked everyone then, and his words remind each one of us now: Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’ The mission and message has gone beyond borders. On one site, I counted 72 countries who celebrate this birthday with an International Day of Giving.

Not just for adults, this can be a meaningful day for young children too. We all live in community with others our entire lives. With children, supporting our communities starts with developing an awareness of where we live and all the other people who share our space. This could start with a walk around the block to notice other people, to look at the houses and buildings and even the ground around them. Perhaps, you and your child could smile at others and tell them hello.

Does it look like there is someone who could use some help? Amy Mascott at teachmama.com had some great ideas for service projects, links to more, plus here are some other ideas. Some take more time and some can be done quickly, such as:

  • helping clean up in local parks,
  • making a box of donated clothing for an emergency shelter for families,
  • dropping off some food at the food bank,
  • drawing pictures to send to armed forces personnel,
  • making some crafts to put on trays for Meals On Wheels,
  • collecting books and toys for an organization that supports kids,
  • taking bottles in for recycling and donating the money to a community group,
  • wash and repair some stuffies to donate to a firehouse for kids in emergencies,
  • planting a tree for all of us to enjoy…

These are just a few suggestions. Hopefully, this list will inspire you and you can add to it with your experiences and ideas. Wherever you live in the world, can you do something for others today?


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