Abracadabra: Change Paper into Snowflakes

Did you ever fold and cut paper into snowflakes? Making paper snowflakes does seem magical and the activity has lots of kindergarten readiness learning and fun. Paper has been around for more than 2,000 years; I wonder how soon people began cutting holes in paper to make snowflakes. And how many generations have been doing so?

One of the easiest ways to make snowflakes is with coffee filters. Already in the right size and shape, flatten one, fold it half and in half again. Now, kids can cut little bits out of the sides and edges. When it’s opened, those little spaces look like lace. Another way to make snowflakes, is with paper, but it needs to be a square. A quick way to do this is to fold one edge along the other to make a triangle. Cut the extra strip of paper off. The coffee filters at our house were not white, so we used both ways. Big Sister could do this by herself and Little Sister just liked to throw the bits up in the air to make snow.

This activity (winter or not) helps kids practice following directions and doing steps in order. Kids can’t cut the holes in the paper or filter until it’s folded. Some children will make snowflakes over and over. They are challenging themselves to remember the directions and to figure it out by themselves. Some may only be interested in creating one or two. Once cut, your child may want to add colors or stickers. This is all part of individual creativity.

Here’s a video for those who like instructions in pictures rather than words. Folding only twice is not as thick as folding 3 times, so it’s much easier to cut, especially for little hands. Whether it’s snowing or not outside, it can be inside. Each snowflake will be unique, just like kids. Has your child tried the magic of turning paper into snowflakes?

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