Soccer, Soccer: Read All About It and Score!

Instead of paragraphs of reasons about why it’s so important to read to kids for early learning and brain development, here is a graphic ↓↓ that tells a few in just a quick glance.

soccer books and stories for kidsYou can use all the excitement about soccer and find some some stories to share with kids of all ages.There are board books, picture books, chapter books, ebooks, audio books and more. Some are imaginative stories and some are fact books.

The soccer board book “Little Soccer” by Brad Herzog and Doug Bowles has riddles about soccer using a rhyming text. Kids have to listen carefully and can check their answers with bright, colorful pictures.

soccer books and stories for young children“My Soccer Book” by Gail Gibbons introduces basics about the game in simple text and pictures. These are only 2 suggestions there are dozens and dozens more books about soccer. Your local library likely has some to check out as well.

Can you suggest some other books about soccer that your kids have read and liked? Score 1 for each book!

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