What Makes Christmas Magical for Kids? Part Two: Songs

The Magic of Christmas Songs and Singing for Kids

Somehow as adults we overlook many of the simple ways that Christmas is magical for kids. One of these is singing songs and sharing music. Words and notes and voices weave a spell that will endure for decades and connect us to family, friends, and strangers around the world. Many of the songs we hear have been heard by people for hundreds of years and in many languages. Although we might groan at hearing popular songs again and again, these songs are still new for kids. They become associated with all the excitement of the holiday season.

importance of singing to kidsWhen we sing together we are sharing an experience and interacting on an emotional and social level. Kids need to listen attentively and match the notes, the words, and the timing. Singing with others creates a deep connection not just in families but songs can help us meet new people and turn strangers into friends.

One of the easier songs for kids to sing at Christmas time is Jingle Bells. The two words jingle bells are repeated and the Hey is fun to sing even a few extra times. Santa Claus and Rudolph are familiar to kids and they like to sing about them. Frosty the Snowman has lots of verses but kids enjoy dancing around to the thumpity thump thumps. We Wish You A Merry Christmas is short, repetitive, and rhythmic. Not only can kids sing along, but they can also shake bells and tap on a container for a drum. The video below of two children shows how delightful singing can be.

Parents are sometimes concerned that their voices are not good enough to sing but kids hear with their hearts as well as with their ears. Songs are more than words, they are also the sound of feelings. That’s some powerful magic and definitely something to sing about! What special songs are favorites for you and your child at Christmas?

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