What Makes Christmas Magical for Kids? Part 6: Writing

Making Cards and Writing Letters to Santa is Magical for Kids

Writing a letter to Santa or making a card to send is magical for a child–it’s like a ticket into the world of written communication and new possibilities. Kids are doing something that adults do and they feel very grownup.

writing a letter to SantaKids have had to learn so much in order to understand that the letters on a piece of paper have meaning. These aren’t just scribbles or squiggles, they are very particular marks and each one means something different. Children have had to learn to speak, to figure out how language works, and to choose the words for what they want. They have had to make the connection between all that and writing. It’s a huge accomplishment and now they are learning how to do it for themselves.

making Christmas cards for kidsSince it’s Christmas, children get a chance to use bright colors, good paper, and glitter. At first, kids will need our help with the writing and may tell a grownup what they want to say for us to write down. Later they will be able to make some of the letters on their own. They might need help with the pictures or be able to do that by themselves. Instead of waving a magic wand, kids are waving a magic pencil, crayon, marker, or pen.

post-officeGoing to the post office or mailbox to send a letter to Santa or cards to friends and family is exciting. So is getting mail. When someone else sends mail, seeing their own name on a letter or card is very special for kids. If letters to Santa are mailed early enough, either he or the elves will write back! The tradition of sending cards and letters is shrinking, but not the magic. Even pretending mail is fun. Any of this magic at your house?


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