A Children’s New Year’s Resolution for the Planet

For the new year, no matter our age or where we live, we can all make this one new year’s resolution–to take care of the Earth and help protect the planet. Perhaps, because they are closer to the ground, children are very willing to do what they can for the environment and will often motivate the adults. What are some things kids can do?

what can kids do for environment

  • Although it’s a small action, making sure to put trash and garbage in trash and garbage containers instead of littering has a big impact. Litter can be a costly problem and a hazard to all sorts of creatures.
  • Millions of water bottle are produced and sold each year. Reusing containers for water helps reduce this amount and we can use healthier containers too.
  • How many trips a week, month, and year does your family make to the grocery store? Ask the kids in your family to remind the grownups to take reusable bags to the store. Some stores have starting charging for paper or plastic bags  so this cuts down the waste and saves money.
  • Each region has different programs for recycling and families can make bins in the house or garage. Kids may be able to help sort the recyclables into paper, metal, and plastic, and put them in the right bins.
  • We’ve all heard of the 3 r’s of reduce, reuse, and recycle. There are many books that we can share with kids that encourage the 3 r’s for the environment. Kids can also share items that they no longer need, like toys and clothes they have outgrown. Items can be bundled up and taken to a thrift, goodwill, or second-hand outlet. Sometimes, kids can find toys and clothes that are new to them that some one else has shared.

There are other activities that kids can do to help protect the environment for each season. Kids themselves will think of ways they can help the planet once we raise their awareness, This is a new year’s resolution for every day of the year. How does your family help?

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