An Un-resolution for the New Year for Kids and Families

new year's resolution jokeBy mid-January many new year’s resolutions are already hard to keep or some may be broken, so how about an un-resolution for kids and families?

Q. What is a new year’s resolution?
A. Something that goes in one year and out the other.

A new year’s resolution is something we want to change or do better, like going outside in nature, eating healthier foods, being kind to others, and getting lots of exercise and sleep. If a resolution is hard, then an un-resolution would be easy. Often we forget to recognize our past efforts. Maybe an un-resolution is not something we need to do because it’s already done. And what could be easier than saying thank you and feeling grateful? In all the countless things that happen each day there will be something positive. Some days, this might only be that the day is done, done, done.

When kids are tucked into bed at night, some families like to remember one thing and say thank you. Kids might say thank you for playing with a friend or having fun outside. Parents may want to thank kids for doing something kind for a brother or sister and for helping around the house. It’s important to thank kids for their efforts. Accomplishments in anything take time and practice and are  not the the only things that count. Results come in baby steps as well as giant leaps.

new year's resolution for kidsCelebrating is another aspect of an un-resolution, not just birthdays and special events, but every day. Each day we get one more day to be a family, and worth celebrating anytime. Do you like this un-resolution?

P.S. Here’s a secret code for Thank You. 10 Q. Ten like T’an and Q like Q’you, or T’an K’you. And another: You can be gr8ful, (gr Eight ful = grateful).


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