More Than Just an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt For Kids and Grownups

The Easter Egg Hunt is a popular tradition for kids and families in communities all across the U.S. and Canada and many other countries around the world.

Easter Egg HuntMore than 85,000 eggs will be hiding in the massive gardens of Chateau de Vaux-le-Victome in France. Animals might be guarding eggs until kids arrive to look for them at a zoo in London, UK (Battersea). Kids might have to dig in the snow at Copper Mountain near Denver, Colorado or in the sand at Tai Pak beach in Hong Kong. There are eggs hiding at a museum in Sydney, Australia and a marine world in Durban, South Africa. 35,000 people are expected for the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn that’s been an annual event since 1878. That’s more than one hundred years. These are only a few of the many hunts all over the world.

Why are Easter egg hunts so popular in so many places? Part of the reason could be that hunts are usually done in some kind of a group. It’s a way of connecting with others. Hunts that are outdoors give us a chance to be outside and explore nature. After a long winter, the fresh green grass and brightly colored flowers are especially welcome. Baby bunnies and chicks remind us of the cycle of life. Kids and adults are always looking for something. For a child it might be searching for a friend or a space to play; for an adult it could be a job, a partner, or a place to live. An Easter egg hunt is a way to celebrate looking and finding, of new discoveries and new life.

As grownups we tend to overlook the profound meaning of children’s activities. We see the surface and forget the deep foundation. This weekend, will the children and adults in your family participate in an Easter egg hunt?

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