Parents Are Children’s First Teachers and Playdates

Parents Children’s First Teachers, Home First School and Playground

Have you heard the saying that parents are children’s first teachers and do you have worries, concerns, and a long list of questions about what to do? Often, parents and caregivers are reluctant to try some activities because they worry if they are good enough, think that don’t know as much as needed, wonder if they will teach something the wrong way, or they are afraid of being silly and foolish.

parents are children's first teachersThese are valid issues, and especially so because parents get the first turn when it comes to educating kids. Besides all these concerns, parents are busier than ever with countless demands on their time and energy. Somehow, Mother Nature must have understood and come up with a plan. The best way to teach kids and the optimum way for them to learn is through PLAY. Just in case that isn’t enough, being silly and goofy is part of the deal. After all, it’s PLAY.

Play is all about exploring to find answers and include science, art, math, communication and social activities. Play can happen in the kitchen, the laundry room, the hallway, and everywhere in the house. Outside, the playground, park, and neighborhood add more spaces to play. Parents are children’s first teachers and they are also the first playdates. (Check out 3 daughters dressing up daddy video!)

For the next several posts, I’ll be blogging about simple, fun ways to do all sorts of activities with kids, an entire series of “Yes, you can!” ideas that will fit in with busy schedules and parent concerns. Each time you are tempted with the words, “But I can’t do that because …” remember the spirit and intention of play. Play is permission to discover and have fun, to enjoy the process without worrying about the product, for creating questions rather than having answers. Play is the freedom to make mistakes, to try again and do over. Can you come out to play?

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