Activities Kids Can Do For Dads on Father’s Day

Unlike Mother’s Day, kids do not usually serve their dads breakfast in bed, but there are other activities kids can do for dads on Father’s Day.

To a child, love is spelled T. I.M.E, so giving dads some time is also giving them some love. One activity that kids can do for dads is to invite dad to go outside and spend an hour or two with them doing something together. This could be fishing, bike riding, throwing a ball in the park, chasing each other with water squirters, hiking, swimming, or something else dad enjoys. Some dads like golf, and while preschoolers are not yet big enough for a regular course, mini-golf is lots of fun. Any of these can be done by either daughters or sons.

For a card, kids can give a hint or clue of the activity, like this one that’s Fishing You A Happy Father’s Day. Or, if the hour or two is for swimming, maybe it could say You’re Fintastic. A card that tells dad You’re a Whole In One isn’t hard to match up with golfing. For an afternoon of some other fun, a card could be To A Pun-Loving Dad. Dad’s very often have a special sense of humor.

cards for Father's Day

Not all children will be able to spend time with dads on Father’s Day. The wish for a happy Father’s Day might have to be delivered by Skype, FaceTime or snail mail. For children whose dads have died, they might want to spend some time looking at photos or having someone share a story about their dad.

gifts kids make for Father's Day

Have you heard the story of the little boy who asks his dad how much money he makes per hour so he can buy an hour of his dad’s time? Instead of money, kids can make a drawing of a clock or watch, or daytimer complete with lines and tools,  and wrap it up for dad to open. What a precious gift time together–and memories–can be.     Happy Father’s Day!


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