#14 Stories to Connect to Nature

Going wild for nature can be vigorous physical activity. It can also be spending some quiet, peaceful time, perhaps with stories to connect to nature.

nature storiesWide, open spaces seem to invite running, kicking a ball, chasing and rolling in the grass. Both shady spots under the trees or warm, sunny ones encourage stretching out, relaxing and just being in nature. Either spot can involve our senses and imaginations, but the quiet spaces open up our hearts.

This idea may not be appropriate for today, but you can tuck it away for another time. When you and your child find yourselves needing a rest, take a book and go outside in nature.  While any book is wonderful outside, here are a few suggestions of nature stories:

I Love Our Earth Bill Martin Jr.I Love Our Earth, by Bill Martin Jr. has amazing photos of kids in nature. Does your child see things like the pictures in the book?

Richard Scarry’s story I Am A Bunny is a classic, and bunny is lying on a hill in the summer, just like many kids.

i-am-bunny-richard-scarryInstead of reading a story, you might want to tell one. There’s lots of inspiration. It might be a once upon a time story about a little tree, or deep lake, or high mountain. It could be the adventure of a bug or other animal. Sometimes, the sky can suggest a story with the shape of clouds. In that case, the sky’s not just the limit, it’s also the inspiration. As you and your child look around, you may see something to be in a story. Sounds that you hear may be part of the story too.

Whether it’s reading a book or sharing a story we make up, these are some other ways to go wild for nature. Do you have some ideas and suggestions for stories to connect with nature, both outside and within ourselves?

(I’d love to hear the stories about nature your child loves. Here are some ways to get in touch.)

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