Colors of Childhood: Fall Colors Scavenger Hunt

The first day of fall, no matter the weather, paints itself in vibrant colors. Here is a fall colors scavenger hunt for kids to do outside in nature.

You can print the hunt card or make one of your own on a stiff paper or cardboard. The side of a cereal box is nice and sturdy and usually blank on one side. Kids can color the circle themselves to match the color word.

When they go outside, kids can either collect one or more items for each color. When they come home, they can glue them onto the board or just draw a picture. It’s hard to bring home a piece of the sky, it that is what kids find for the color blue. Purple can also be quite a challenge.

I can hardly wait for us to do this. Will you and your child go for a fall colors scavenger hunt and adventure?


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