Music, Songs, and Children’s Voices

Music, songs, and children’s voices are very much a part of Christmas so go ahead and do what the Grinch so hated: sing, sing, sing, sing. Even babies sing.

children's concertThere are lots of adult choirs entertaining at this time of year, but just this week, I heard kids singing at a school concert, in the shopping mall on the weekend, and for a seniors’ luncheon. Kids in kindergarten, preschool, and daycare have been practicing Christmas songs for weeks .We may have heard the songs gazillions of times, but to kids they are still new.

One of the easier songs for young kids to sing at Christmas time is Jingle Bells. The two words ‘jingle bells’ are repeated over and over and the ‘Hey’ is fun to sing even a few extra times. Santa Claus and Rudolph are familiar to kids and they like to sing about them. Frosty the Snowman has lots of verses but kids enjoy dancing around to the thumpity thump thumps. We Wish You A Merry Christmas is short, repetitive, and rhythmic. Not only can kids sing along, but they can also shake bells and tap on a container for a drum. Pots and pans and other things in the kitchen are not just good for cooking, but for playing along with a song.

Please don’t let concerns about your voice not being good enough stop you from singing with your kids. Singing together is another way of being together and many of us would give anything to hear the voice of a much loved and missed relative or friend just one more time. In the video below, a big family, with people of all ages sing together. Watch the baby’s whole arm taps in time with the music.

For all of us, music, songs, and children’s voices are a special note of the season. Words, notes, and harmonies weave a spell that will endure for decades and connect us to family, friends, and strangers around the world. Many of the songs we hear have been enjoyed by people for hundreds of years and there are versions in dozens of languages. They have become associated with all the excitement and magic. What songs are favorites for your family?

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