Play Dough Christmas Fun

Play dough Christmas fun is simple to set up and appeals to kids of various ages. You can make your own play dough at home very affordably or use a premade. It’s so much fun, you might find you join in the play too.

Christmas play dough funWith green play dough and a Christmas tree cookie cutter, kids can roll out their trees. A few pony beads, a small bit of tinsel, sequins, tiny pompoms, yarn, and buttons make decorations kids can add to their tree.

gingerbread play doughA bunch of brown playdough and a gingerbread cookie cutter, make gingerbread men. Or, kids can make a small gingerbread house. These can also be decorated with small buttons, yarn, beads, bits of ribbon, or other small items.

If you make a batch of play dough at home, sprinkle in a little cinnamon and ground cloves to make a Christmas smell or maybe some mint. There are many playdough recipes available on the Internet, some easier to make than others. From experience, glitter added to play dough sort of comes off on hands and other surfaces. It looked nice but it won’t be on our list of ingredients.

Of course, color may not matter at all to kids. They will use whatever is available and happily cut out trees, candy canes, Santa, holly leaves, stars, or stockings. Plus, cookie cutters can be different shapes too. Or they may not want to use any cutters at all. For kids, the feel of the play dough and the ability to create are more important than color or shape. Their fingers get to smoosh, pat, roll, squish, poke, and other actions. Their minds get to shape what they imagine, not just shape the dough.

Besides the color of play dough and the shapes of cookie cutters not being major factors for kids, they are also less concerned with having a wonderful finished product. To them the process, the doing, is more important. Usually, that is. They may also decide they must have some tiny creation kept forever. Kids sometimes keep adults guessing.

Because so much learning for kids happens through their senses, sensory play is a must. Play dough is a great choice to stimulate senses—except the sense of taste. Could play dough Christmas fun be one of the ingredients for your child’s day?

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