The Gift of Time in Nature for Kids –And Adults

The gift of time in nature for kids is one we take for granted. Yet, hundreds of world leaders have gathered this month in Paris to talk about how to protect nature and our planet. We are all recognizing that we need to care for this gift. Kids especially need time in nature.

Christmas time in nature

Nature is very much a part of Christmas, no matter where your family lives. Christmas trees are either real evergreens, or made to look like them. Animals were part of the first Christmas and nativities include sheep, cows, oxen, donkeys, and camels. Likely, there were a few others too. Santa uses reindeer to pull the sleigh, although in Australia, he apparently has kangaroos. The decorations on trees and houses are again natural items, such as pine cones, icicles, and snowflakes, or are based on them. While some places have real snow and frost, others spray white snow foam on windows. Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias are other items for nature often seen at Christmas. The dark and light of the season are more than symbols. In the northern part of the world, there’s more dark than daylight at this time of year, and…brr…usually more cold than hot.

Each region at this time of year has special outdoor activities, whether cold ones like skating, skiing, and playing in the snow, or hot ones like swimming and building sand castles. Regardless of the temperature, families can go for a hike either all bundled up or protected against the sun.

For a play-of-the-day, dress for the weather and go outside. You might choose time at a park or playground, a hike in the woods, or a walk around the block. Check out what’s happening in the sky. Are there clouds to see? Has the sun come out to say hello? If feet are tucked inside boots, in rainy areas there might be puddles to splash in. Any time in nature for kids and adults on your agenda today?

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