Holiday Blanket Fort for Kids

Only one more day holiday before work and daycare? Still want to spend time with the kids? One solution is a holiday blanket fort for kids.

blanket fortThe GORF or good ol’ reliable fort is a way to make a space for kids to be in the middle of the action but contain it while adults do what they need to do around it. A super easy way to make a fort is to drape a large blanket or sheet over a table. Kids can play underneath while you take down the tree, put things away, and locate all the items needed for going back to work. Another option is setting up four chairs a few feet apart with the seats pointing out and the backs facing in. Suspend a light sheet over the top of the chair backs. To keep the sheet in place, place a few heavy books on the chair seat and tuck the sheet underneath. An ironing board can help support a roof too or even an art easel.

Sometimes, after the excitement and stimulation of the holidays, kids need to unwind. A blanket fort makes a safe place where kids can control their own small world. Because it’s their space, they make the rules and decisions. The holidays can be confusing with changes to routines, sleeping in different beds, lots more people, meals at various times, and late nights. A fort can re-establish boundaries, at least physical ones.

blanket fortBlanket forts have both limits and unlimited possibilities at the same time. They can be a ship, airplane, bus, school, castle, rocket, forest, cave, or The North Pole. Kids can travel anywhere their imagination will take them while they stay in the comfort and familiarity of home. No wonder they are so appealing. These are also a great choice for playdates. Kids can direct their own play and still be heard by adults. Not all toys can be hauled into the fort or there will be no room to play, so kids can take toys they are willing to share and let others play with.

Being under a blanket in a fort can be a warm, cozy spot. With another warm, cozy blanket underneath, kids might just take a nap. If there’s room in this holiday blanket fort for kids, could you use one too?

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