Paint Fireworks Craft for New Year’s Eve

Staying up for fireworks can be hard for kids—and adults. Instead, kids can enjoy this paint fireworks craft in all their favorite colors before bedtime.

Besides paint, use a couple of toilet paper rolls. Because the rolls are harder to cut than thin paper, adult hands need to do the scissor part. Cut many narrow strips about a third to half way up a toilet paper roll. Carefully spread them out like a fan or flower. Pour a small amount of paint into a fairly large plastic paint or lid. We used several tin pie plates. The colors will get mixed up but separate dishes keeps them from getting too muddy.


Kids can dip the toilet paper roll into the paint, and then stamp it on a sheet of paper. They can dip back into the same color or try a different one. The strips make thin lines that look like starburst fireworks. If you are feeling brave, add even more sparkle with glitter. If the glitter doesn’t stick to the paint, wait until it’s dry and kids can spread on some glue then sprinkle on the bling. For glitter projects, it’s a good idea to have the vacuum handy and ready to go. Dish brushes, pipe cleaners, and even forks can also be used to make lines like fireworks. Toilet paper rolls are so easy and don’t need to get washed.


Little Sister finished off a paint fireworks craft and then just wanted to paint. For this, she used a brush, another piece of paper and the same dishes of paint. Once done, the dishes had to get washed. With a sinkful of warm water, she created magic potions using the brush and leftover paint. The water did turn quite brown eventually, but she was able to explore mixing different combinations first. It was a sort of magic to watch the colors change.

What will your family do for New Year’s Eve fun?

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