Star Ideas for Play

How about some star ideas for play? To start the month, we made star wands and wished upon a star. Very recently, was the release of the new Star Wars movie. Stars can be the inspiration for some plays-of-the-day.children at play sign

When it comes to kids and play, the idea that gets the gold star is just that—PLAY. As parents and caregivers, making sure kids have the time and space to play is one of our most crucial responsibilities. So how do we do this? Here is a condensed version of a recent article giving 3 tips:

“1. Play doesn’t only happen with toys…Kids can get very creative at using real items as toys. This can cause parents and caregivers great problems such as hunting for keys that kids were using to play with. Or discovering the gas tank on the car is full because the kids used the water hose as they played in the yard when a parent was gardening. Sometimes, the problems can be very scary because kids really will play with anything. But most of the time, we can use things we have at home to extend time to play.

2. To a child, work can be play…Kids like to ‘help’ and be part of the action. Doing dishes can be play, and so can making meals and tidying up the yard. Adults need to be inspired by kids to make their work more playful.

3. Play can be counted in minutes. The hours in a day are already full but play fits into minutes. Taking advantage of minutes to add an element of play doesn’t need to tax your brain. Kids will find ways to play on their own. We can watch and listen to them as they play.

Play is so critical, it is enshrined as one of the rights of children by the United Nations High Commission. Kids learn basic life skills as they play. Play can happen anywhere, at any time, with anything, all alone or with others. It doesn’t require expensive toys or special programs because kids will play with sticks and boxes–and things that give our hearts a ot a luxuryBecause the early years are the most sensitive time for development, one of our responsibilities as parents and caregivers is to ensure kids have time and space to play. Isn’t it amazing that at one of the busiest times in our lives we can provide for children’s most critical needs thru play? 1 2 3 Go PLAY!”

Can you suggest and share some star ideas for play?

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