Wishing Star Craft for the New Year

We did this wishing star craft last year but the wishing stars have disappeared so we’ll need to make new ones. Thankfully we have lots of pipe cleaners and a variety of sticks of one sort or another. This time we used some take-out chopsticks and twisted two colors of pipe cleaners together. As we discovered from doing this last year, it’s tricky to bend the stars so again my grownup hands did most of that part. Chopsticks are sort of small for painting, so we decorated with ribbon wrapped round and round. The stars were attached to the sticks with more tape. Another way to decorate the sticks would be with colored decorative or washi tape. Stars could be made out of paper too.

wishing star craft

While there was some adult help, the kids certainly did the wishing. When we talked about it being another year and checked the new calendars, a wish for a kitty was repeated several times. The new place is closer to a major road than the old place and not a safe area for another cat. But since the day was still part of the holidays, each of the kids got to wish an activity to do. Little Sister wanted to play in the mini play space at the grocery store while Big Sister wished to go skating. These were easy to combine. After some time skating, the grocery store was the next stop. This isn’t the regular store for us because it is smaller and not as easy to get to but it was close to the skating arena. The grownups will maybe get their wish because the kids should sleep well. 

new year wishing star craft

As adults, we think of new year’s resolutions but I think I prefer the approach of things to wish for instead. Wishing goes along with imagination and creating. In order to create something, we often have to imagine it first. Wishing can be the start of goal setting. Of course, wishing needs to be connected to action. This wishing star craft is just a start. And, one thing about kids, aren’t they always in action?

ball pit slide

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