Star Wars Yoga for Kids

For some word play, how about Yoga with Yoda? This Star Wars Yoga for kids can be play for any and all characters. Maybe Yoga could have helped Darth Vader with his breathing.

star wars movement activities for kidsKids absolutely need to move. As kids make the brain connections so they can move in a certain way, they are wiring their own brains for different thinking, like math, reading, and language. To do this needs an enormous amount of practice and repetition. It really helps if we can give kids lots of ways to move. These poses are fun to try.

Star: (Star Pose)This one is easy, with the whole body stretching in all directions. The arms stretched wide give lots of room for breathing and feeling.

C3PO and R2D2: (Mountain Pose) Standing with big toes touching and a little space between heels. Arms are down at side and turn the palm of hand to the front. It might look like you are doing nothing, but your body is very busy balancing. Just like C3PO and R2D2, there’s a lot happening inside. Your heart and chest are lifting and strong as your shoulders relax down.

yoga for kidsPrincess Leia or a Warrior: (Downward Dog Pose) Hands and feet are on the floor, like an upside down V, sitting bones pointing up to the sky. Leia is a warrior besides being a princess, think about how strong and powerful you can be while holding your own weight and breathing.

yoga for kidsObi-Wan Kenobi aka Ben Kenobi: (Tree Pose) Obi-wan is old and wise like a tree, straight and true. Stand on two feet and lift arms over the head, with palms together. If you can, lift up one foot, bend your leg and place that foot on your other leg, beside or above the knee.

The ideal is for parents and caregivers to do yoga too. There are also benefits for adults. It doesn’t have to be Star Wars yoga for kids. It could be other characters or events that appeal to your child.  Do you and your child add yoga to your day?

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