Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft & Imaginative Play

Kids are natural scientists and amazing magicians.With this Easter Bunny paper plate craft, instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, they transform into one.

bunny ears paper plate craftImagination is a very powerful form of magic. Let your child color a paper plate, using paint, crayons, or markers. Once that part is done, adult hands need to help. Leaving an inch or two of band around the edge of the paper plate, trace 2 ears in the middle. These are long and thin and go right up the band. Make the base of the ears fairly wide. Carefully cut around them but do not cut thru the base. Bunny ears are fairly floppy but you can reinforce these with a piece or two of tape where they join the plate.

With this headband, kids are now the Easter Bunny. Little Sister used some plastic eggs in a bucket and hid them around the house for Big Sister to find. Once she had found them all, they traded places and Big Sister got to hide some. They played this several times, taking turns.

Little Sister wasn’t as fast to find the eggs so she needed some clues. Once, she hid an egg so well her sister couldn’t find it but she couldn’t remember where it was. They both had to search. Sometimes, things can be hidden in plain sight but are hard to see.

Kids don’t need magic wands. They have imaginations. Imaginative and pretend play gives them extraordinary powers. Kids can do anywhere and do anything in their play. A craft like this one isn’t really necessary but kids like to use a few props.

A leading expert in children’s learning and education, Sir Ken Robinson, believes that “imagination is the source of all human achievement.” We need creative and  imaginative thinkers for innovation.

Sir Ken Robinson, author and expert in learning and education, attributes human achievement to imagination. It is “one of the key components of creativity and innovation.” (The Importance of Imagination and Creativity in Children’s Development)

Imagination and creativity turn this Easter bunny paper plate craft into a playful opportunity for kids. Is somebunny playing at your house?


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