Coloring Easter Eggs with Young Children

Coloring Easter eggs is a tradition that kids can do year after year and always enjoy. Did you do this as a child? Who first showed you about coloring eggs?  I’ve done it for so many years with my own kids and students it doesn’t seem like Easter until I do.

coloring Easter eggs

With the Star Wars movie so popular just a few months ago, there are many kits for making Star Wars eggs. Some of these might become R2D-Egg. To make a Storm Trooper egg just leave the egg white. A black marker with a fine tip is needed to draw the design. Most children’s markers are washable so if you give your child a permanent marker, make sure the table or counter is covered. Once done, the marker should go back in a drawer so it doesn’t accidentally get on walls. To make a Yoda, dip an egg in green and add a bit of green paper and cotton fuzz for his ears. Could some circles and triangles look like BB-Egg? The Darth Vader black is quite a challenge.

Coloring eggs can be done in several different ways. Vinegar and a few drops of food coloring in a bowl or cup give bright colors on eggs that are already hard-cooked. Eggs can be boiled with onion skins, purple cabbage, or other foods if you want to use natural dyes. Another method is to cover hard eggs with tissue paper and spritz with water. The color bleeds onto the eggs–and fingers and counters so be ready to wipe.

coloring Easter eggsTo make multicolored eggs, wrap a few elastic bands around an egg and let kids dip in another color. When dry, they can take off the elastics and see the first color underneath. Dipping in a second or third colors changes the result. The new color may be quite different.

Kids can color eggs with markers or wax crayons and cover them with stickers and tattoos. They might like to glue on some googly eyes, sequins, small beads, and other craft bits. Does your child have any favorite team logos? Add these to eggs too.

Is coloring Easter Eggs egg-zactly what your child might like to do today?

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