Cooking with Kids: Kids Cinco de Mayo Agua Fresca

Every home in the world has a kitchen space and every culture has unique foods. How about some kids Cinco de Mayo agua fresca for today’s learn and play? Cinco de Mayo is of course a special day of celebration for Mexican families and Mexican culture.

fruit juice for kidsAgua fresca can be translated as fresh water, but that’s not exactly what it means. A more accurate description would be refreshing water that’s flavored with fruit. There’s a bit of tang from lime and a bit of sweet from honey, agave, syrup, or sugar. Ice makes it a cool drink for hot days, and there are lots of those in Mexico. The Mexican climate also grows marvelous fruits.

Strawberries are often a favorite fruit of kids. Have your child help by washing strawberries. Little hands may be able to use a plastic picnic knife to take the leaves off the top. To make one serving, blend about ½ cup of strawberries in one cup of water. Add a squirt of lime and a bit of sweetener. Yummy! Mango makes a great agua fresca too. So do melons, watermelons, and pineapple. Proportions can be adjusted, depending on what’s available in the stores and what there is in your fridge.

Instead of plain water, try some coconut water to make kids Cinco de Mayo agua fresca. Coconuts are found in many places in Mexico. Other variations may include herbs and seeds.cinco-de-mayo-kidworldcitizen

This is from the website kidworldcitizen written by a mom who believes kids need to be “globally and culturally aware.” She adds a few spoons of chia seeds to Chia Lemonade along with limes, sugar, and water. Chia seeds add extra nutrition. Check her site for the recipe and for other multi-cultural resources for kids from different places around the world.

Cooking with kids includes learning on so many levels. For a start, there’s following a recipe and doing steps in order. Measuring and counting are math skills. There’s science too as foods are changed both physically and chemically. Kids practice observing and predicting, especially when we ask what’s happening. Language is certainly an ingredient. Children develop both life-long skills as well as life-long attitudes to food and nutrition. On a social level, they are included as part of the group and emotionally, they feel a sense of satisfaction and pride. Globally, they share in celebration and increase their understanding of others.

Will your family celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

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