Bubble Art Mothers Day Cards Kids Can Make

Hand-made cards are treasures that mothers keep for years. Here are some bubble art Mothers Day cards kids can make at home.

There are several sites that suggest blowing colored bubbles and dipping a paper into them. I’ll admit to being skeptical about this.The bubbles don’t look colored, so how can they leave a color on paper? Transparent bubbles won’t show up on white or colored pages. But Little Sister said she’d done this at daycare so we tried it at home.

We didn’t have powdered paint like daycare, so instead we squeezed some paint from dabbers into a small plastic dish, added some water and a couple of squirts of dish soap. Just in case some bubbles escaped, floated across the kitchen, and popped in the air, I put the dish in the sink.

Little Sister stood on a chair and used a straw. She blew into the solution until bubbles were overflowing the dish. We touched the paper to the bubbles and then turned it over. The bubbles did leave lines and shapes of colors on the page! After a few repeats with blue, we tried with red color, water, and soap. You may need to remind kids to put the straw all the way to the bottom of the dish before blowing to get bubbles.

Big Sister wanted to use colored paper for her card and chose pink. It’s hard to see in the photo but the bubbles made a light marble effect on the pink. Next time, we will use much more paint, less water, and maybe a few drops of food coloring too. Liquid paint is another possibility with a bit of liquid soap. Extra water may not be needed. Now that we know how the process works, it will be fun to try bubble art with some different solutions.

Once the paper is dry, kids can add their names, happy faces, hearts, and any messages. These bubble art Mothers Day cards were a much easier project than I thought. Will you and your child give it a try?

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