Play Learn with Bubbles #8: Bubble Movement Activities and Game

Chasing bubbles outside is the best fun, but here are some bubble movement activities and game that kids can do indoors or out, in almost any size space.

bubble activities and gameFor some independent movement activity play, turn on some music and let your child dance around like bubbles. Of course, they need to have experienced blowing bubbles beforehand so they have an idea how bubbles start small and grow bigger,  float in the air, drop slowly, land on the ground or other objects, and how they pop.

For a fun game, tell kids they are going to be the bubbles and your voice will tell them what is happening. Your words will describe the action. To start, you might say, “I am gently blowing a bubble. It’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Now, the bubble is big enough to float away and so away it goes.” Kids can float around until you say “Pop.”

bubble movement activitiesAnother bubble movement activities option is to describe where the bubble goes. “The bubble is floating near the sofa, but it doesn’t land there. It floats under the coffee table. Phew, good thing it can squeeze under.” Continue as much as you like until finally, when your child is in a convenient spot, have the bubble land. A mat can be a landing space for a bubble.

Now, if you need half a minute to do something, like get a casserole out of the oven, have the bubble just rest quiet and still. The bubble can then pop or be picked up by the wind and sent off again. Popping can be vigorous as kids jump and body parts explode in all directions so make sure there is enough space for that.

After a few rounds where your words tell the child-bubble what to do, change places. Let your child say the words that tell you what to do. If sitting is needed, you can always get confused and have your bubble land in a chair. Sometimes, only a few seconds can give parents and caregivers a welcome break.

bubble movement gameJust like kids like to chase and pop bubbles, you can chase kid-bubbles and catch them. Pop them with a hug. Adults can also run around while kids chase. Besides the fun, kids practice following instructions and listening for clues.

These bubble movement activities and game are also great when travelling and the family needs a quick stop. Kids can chase adult-bubbles or adults can chase kid ones. Instead of hollering repeated requests to stay close and not go too far away, the bubble-blower-adult can keep bubble-kids close with the words of the game. When it’s time to go, the bubbles blow themselves back into the car.  What other bubble games can kids play?

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