Bubble Fun and Learning #23: Bubble Sock Snake

Never again be sad about a sock that gets lost in the wash. It just means you have another one to make a bubble sock snake. These are really very cool!

To make a bubble sock snake, first cut the bottom end off a plastic water bottle. Big hands need to do that part. Stretch a sock over the end, pushing the bottle all the way into the toe. It will look like a drum.

bubble sock snake

Squirt some soap onto a shallow dish and add a little water. It’s perfectly fine to use fingers to mix these, but Little Sister didn’t want to get hers all yucky. This was news because she has no difficulty putting her hand into paint and making hand prints of every color. She wanted a spoon instead.

bubble sock snake

Once done, kids dip the bubble sock into the soapy water. This is why a low dish is better than a tall, thin one, so kids don’t immerse the whole bubble sock. It’s easier to hold onto a dry sock than a dripping wet one.

bubble sock snake

Now for the fun. Lightly blow into the bottle and watch a soap snake appear. There was a wind here in the afternoon so Little Sister’s snake bent. Big Sister could hardly wait to try and her’s got so long it did go down. The wind took off a chunk at the end and it floated away like a miniature white cloud. While we can’t see the wind, we could easily see which way it was blowing from the way the bubbles moved.

bubble sock snake

We talked how these bubbles were different from the kind the kids usually blow. The bubble sock snake makes only small bubbles but lots and lots of them. The bubbles are both different and the same. They look like the soap suds in the sink. Comparing is an important thinking skill and we did that with bubbles.

bubble sock snake

What fun and learning might bubble up in your child’s day?


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