Transportation Activities #14: Father’s Day Paper Airplane

Kids love to make something for their dads. This Father’s Day paper airplane combines a simple gift with an invitation to spend time together and play.

(The following instructions are from an earlier blog post.)

making paper airplanes step 1-2

1. Fold an ordinary piece of printer paper in half, the long way or hotdog fold. Open it back up.

2. Fold the top outside corner down so it touches the center line and do the same for the other side.
making paper airplanes step 3


3. Do the same action again of folding each side to the middle. It sort of looks like a skinny mountain, the kind that kids draw.
making paper airplanes step 4


4. Fold the two sides together. Now it looks like the wedge that goes under a door to hold it open.
making paper airplanes step 5


5. Hold the point with one hand, and with the other bend that folded edge over to line up with the center fold. This part is a bit trickier.
making paper airplanes step 6


6. Flip over and do the same for the other side.
making paper airplanes step 7


7. Pinch on the bottom center fold and the wings open up. This kind is called a dart and it’s ready to fly.

Father's Day paper airplaneWith some crayons and markers kids can decorate their Father’s Day paper airplane.  It’s much easier to do the drawing and coloring before folding. Some x’s and o’s for hugs and kisses and some hearts send the message to dads they are loved. Or kids might want to draw something dad really likes.

Father's Day playWho can resist sending a paper airplane flying around the room or the yard? When a dad does this, a child’s heart takes flight too. Kids have made something dad is holding in his hand and using.

After dad has a turn, kids want a turn next and before you can count to 10, play happens, in one form or another. What better way can there be to celebrate Father’s Day than time together and the enjoyment of each other as we play?

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