Mayhem and Messy Play #4: Baking Soda and Vinegar Messy Sensory Play

Volcanoes aren’t the only way to have baking soda and vinegar messy sensory play fun and learning. Almost anything works, play clothes advised.

baking soda vinegar messy sensory play

For this messy and sensory play, we used a plastic bowl of baking soda, another one of vinegar, a couple of spoons, and some clear, plastic goblets. A shallow container or tray underneath needed to keep the fizz and foam from spreading all over the table or floor. Some newspapers or an old towel were also under the tray, in case of accidents. A few drops of food coloring added to the vinegar made it easier to see. We used red.

To start, Little Sister measured a big spoon of baking soda into a goblet. Then, she poured a spoon of vinegar on top of the baking soda. Immediately, the vinegar started to fizz and bubble higher and higher almost to the top. She wanted to make it bubble over the top so added in more soda. There was more fizzing, but not enough. She choose to use a scoop since it held more and added one spoon of vinegar and then another. This time the solution did overflow and spill down the sides of the goblet.

baking soda vinegar messy sensory play

She scooped and spooned for several minutes, and the fizz spread out on the tray. She stirred the fizz and also used her fingers to mix. The feel of it appealed to her, so she soon put her entire hand in the other one, rubbing her hands together. For quite a while, she explored the sensations, adding baking soda and vinegar to the tray with the spoon again and smooshing the fizz. When she’d had enough, she dried her hands on the towel and got down. We washed her hands with soap and water too.

While Little Sister’s hands were busy, so was her brain. In addition to the sensory aspect, there was problem-solving, testing cause and effect, and predicting. While she played, she talked to herself, and occasionally asked me to come see. She directed her actions, making choices about what to do. We can’t see the learning connections but the busy, happy play showed they were being made.

play with baking soda and vinegar

With ingredients you likely have in your kitchen, can your child have some baking soda and vinegar messy sensory play fun and learning too?

Can You Come Play?

Tomorrow, we’ll do another messy play activity. Can you and your child come back here to play?


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