Talking to Kids Helps Brain Smarts

Blah, Blah, Blah = Rah, Rah, Rah!

Just this month, a new study: ‘Nothing short of remarkable’: Study finds parents’ chats with their toddlers pay off 10 years later has been released giving parents, teachers, and other caregivers food for thought about how to feed brains. With conversations!

“A study published this week in Pediatrics found that toddlers with parents who spend lots of time listening and chatting with them are more likely to have better language skills and higher IQs a decade later than youngsters left hanging in silence.”

Having conversations with kids nourishes and grows their brains. talking with babies and toddlers affects how kids do much later on in school. “The 18- to 24-month period is often called a time of “language explosion.”

“If you knew that children who were fed a certain nutritional diet at age two were not only far healthier as toddlers, but much more likely to be in a healthy weight range at age 12, you’d want to pursue those findings, wouldn’t you?” said study author Jill Gilkerson, senior director of research and evaluation at the LENA Foundation, a non-profit charity in Boulder, Col.
“Conversational turns are that diet, that nutrition, for the brain.”

Conversational turns are the back and forth of talking to others. One person says something, stops, and the other person takes a turn. Frequent back-and-forth talking with kids, even just coos and babbles for very young children “accounted for up to 27 per cent of their higher performance in verbal comprehension a decade later….”

Some days, when our parent brains feel like mush, it’s hard to think of something to talk about. For this month, the play-of-the-day calendar has some suggestions. Of course, kids often have their own ideas, so build on those. Use experiences that are relevant to your family. Most of all, enjoy and remember, these conversations are meals and snacks for brains.

september activities with kids


Readiness Activities for Kids: This is the Way We Get Ready for This Fall

Readiness activities for kids brings a big smile to some faces and to others an even bigger frown. But, we all like to feel ready for things: adventures, work, holidays, appointments, and more. Our own vacations start off better when we’ve got stuff prepped beforehand. No matter how ready we may feel for those days off, we don’t want to waste the least part of one just getting ready to go.

School is a whole new adventure for kids. Undoubtedly,  we want the school to be ready to welcome our kids at their state of development and to avoid pushing and stressing our little ones. Just like grownups, kids can benefit from some adult help.
readiness play activities for kidsThe calendar above has some suggestions for ways we can support young children. For each day this month, choose one of these prompts and use it for a play activity. For instance, for “know my name,” some ways to play might be rolling out letters in play doughor finding different words that rhyme like Abby-Tabby. For naming emotions, make different kinds of faces at each other and guess that feeling. Pretending and imagining can happen with something as simple as a play cardboard box.

However you PLAY remember, this is the brain’s favorite way to learn. Isn’t a great bonus that it’s fun too? Of course, that could be Nature’s very clever and smart intention in the first place! Some readiness activities for kids sponsored by child’s play is a clever and brainy  way of getting ready for life’s next big adventure!


Summertime Activities for Young Kids – Inside AND Outside

Summertime, and the livin’ is outside. Well, we try and get kids outside so here is a whole month’s calendar of fun and learning summertime activities for kids including lots of ideas for outside!

Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods and Vitamin N, reminds us in this video about the connection between kids and nature:

So enjoy this calendar of play activities. If some play isn’t convenient for your family, change the fun and go for something else. Let the ideas inspire ones of your own. But most of all,  come and PLAY!

July play activities for kids

June Play Activities for Young Kids that Rock

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May Play Activities for Kids Part 2 – BEE-cause the Best Way to Learn Is PLAY

The best way to learn is through play, so here are more ideas of May play activities for kids. May-bee some of these will encourage and inspire play at your house or care center. May is a great month for adding lots more minutes a day for outdoor play too. Print off this version of … Continue reading May Play Activities for Kids Part 2 – BEE-cause the Best Way to Learn Is PLAY

May Play Activities for Kids: MAYBEE You Can Come Play?

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May Play Activities Calendar for Young Preschool Children

May the Force Be With You and the Force is PLAY!! When we remember 90% of the brain develops by the age of 5, it’s a really good thing the brain’s favorite way to learn is PLAY! Do you need some play and learn ideas for the month of May? Here’s the first week of … Continue reading May Play Activities Calendar for Young Preschool Children