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Sense of Humor: Apple Jokes for Kids

There’s some serious learning that’s needed for children to develop a sense of humor. Good thing it’s so much fun!

In order for something to be understood as funny, the mind has to figure out that something is unusual or different from normal. This takes some incredibly fast checking in the brain. The next step is to link up to the appropriate emotional response. Is this unusual situation okay, scary, a little strange, or really great? Once that’s checked on, then comes getting the right behavior response, such as a smile, a giggle, or a big, big laugh. All of this needs to be connected in order to “get the joke.”

There are some wonderful, simple jokes about apples:

Q. apple jokes for kidsWhy was the apple sad?
A. It’s peelings were hurt.

Q. How does a ghost eat an apple?
A. By goblin’ it.

Q. When is an apple NOT and apple?
A. When it’s a pine-apple.

Q. What did the apple skin say to the apple?
A. I’ve got you covered.

Children’s sense of humor is developing, so it can be quite different from an adults. Humor is also different for families and cultures. Kids often confuse the punch line, or mix up the order. Nevertheless, laughing is healthy and helps us all cope. Humor connects us to others, no matter their age, and to emotions. Humor is a shared activity. Did you and your child like these jokes? Do you have someone that you could send in and share?