Kindergarten Readiness – Eye Spy

What color are your eyes? Page 3 of your child’s All About Me book (see the 2 previous blogs for page 1 and 2) says: My eyes are _____________. Have your child draw and color his or her eyes. Help print the correct color word. Ask your child to think of some other things that are the same color. For instance, blue eyes like the sky on a bright day, green like the leaves on the trees, or brown like the icing on a chocolate cake. Many stories contain comparisons and thinking of things that are the same color is one way to practice this kindergarten readiness skill. This also helps practice creating mind-pictures or visualization which is a reading readiness skill. We use our brains and minds as well as our eyes to see. Learning about others and oneself is one way to encourage early social and emotional development and skills.

To extend the learning, read a story about eyes or play the anywhere game I Spy. Q. What did 1 eye say to the other eye? A. Just between the 2 of us, something smells!   What does your eye like to spy?

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