Kindergarten Readiness – A Handy Idea

Hands sure do come in handy. For page 4 of your child’s All About Me book, have your child putĀ one hand on a paper and help trace around it. (see the blogs just before this for pages 1-3) Together, talk about the hand, noticing all the lines and other features. Put your hands together and notice the difference in sizes. What things are the same about both hands? What things are different? Hands are very useful for doing all kinds of things. Notice the ways the two (or more) of you are using hands. What else can hands do?

This quick little project helps with a variety of kindergarten readiness skills: observing, comparing, contrasting, measuring, communicating and language, to name a few. Remember to have some fun and playtime, too. Clap hands, hold hands, give hugs, talk with your hands–point, wave, cheer. Playdough is great for exercising muscles in the hand. Invite your child to give you a helping hand. After all, many hands make light work. While you are working and playing, sing the old favorite “Where is Thumbkin?” And how are you, today?

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