Kindergarten Readiness – Footwork

No matter if you have been following along, or just joined, you are off on the right foot. For the previous 4 blogs, we’ve been encouraging kindergarten readiness by helping kids create their very own All About Mebook, from head to toe. Any predictions for today’s quick project? (predicting is a problem-solving, reading and kindergarten readiness skill) If you said “Trace a foot,” then you got the clues. Have your little one put his or her foot on a piece of paper and trace around it. Ohh, that tickles. Rhymes with pickles. Have your little one notice details like toenails and other features. Count the toes 1 -5 and back down 5-1. Ask your child to tell you something about that foot. For fun, ask the foot, “How are you, Foot?” and have a short conversation.

All of this helps your child learn to use language in various ways, to notice details and be observant and to be more aware of parts of the body. Each page has meaning and context for your child. One of the critical strategies for learning to read is connecting meaning to symbols. What can be more meaningful to a child than a picture of his/her very own hand (see yesterday) and foot? You can extend the learning by reading Dr. Seuss Foot Book. Try some different ways of moving on your feet, too. Fancy footwork!

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