Kindergarten Readiness – New Year’s Goals

Some people make New Year’s resolutions, some set New Year’s goals. No matter what it’s called, a very powerful New Year’s (and kindergarten readiness) strategy is to read and share books and stories with kids for a few minutes every day. Some children have bedtime stories, some have wake-up stories before a parent or caregiver goes off to work, and some have middle of the day stories. Any time of day is great for story and book time.

Listening to parents and caregivers reading stories stimulates children’s brain development. ¬†While it might be lovely to have time to read snuggled together that doesn’t always work. So take a book on the bus, share a story when¬†waiting in line at the check-out, squeeze one in while folding laundry. Each book is another deposit in your child’s brain bank. Have you any other ideas for how to tuck a book into your day?

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