Readiness for Kindergarten, Learning With Dr. Seuss, #11

Hop on Pop?

Hop on Pop (by Dr. Seuss) sounds like a fun activity. Well, maybe not for Pop but for kids that like to hop. Did you know that hopping and jumping is great way to develop skeletal strength?  Childhood is the most important time for a healthy skeleton. Activity makes children’s bones stronger and can even change the shape of bones, according to another doctor, Dr. Heather McKay, (The role of exercise on healthy skeletal development, 2010).

Children’s skeletons are still growing and jumping strengthens bones. While the heart has a pump to circulate the blood, the lymph system doesn’t have one. Exercise and moving is what keeps the lymphatic fluid flowing and this plays a critical role in our immune system. So, for kids to stay healthy and grow strong bones they need to hop around. It’s for healthy growth and development.

Besides hopping, suggest that your child try jumping, skipping, moving on one foot and then the other one. Readiness for kindergarten doesn’t only focus on academics. Physical growth and development is part of the kindergarten readiness package, too.  Of course, hop where it’s safe and at the end of the day, maybe not on Pop. Where does your child like to hop?


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