Readiness for Kindergarten, Learning With Dr. Seuss, #13

playing-learning-carsOh the places you’ll go and how will you get there? Boat, train, car, pony, bus, airplane? Dr. Seuss’s book Oh, the Places You’ll Go has many different levels and appeals to little kids and bigger ones, too. Sharing a book with your little one stimulates all kinds of language learning. But kids also like to be busy doing. Having fun with trains, cars, and other toys that go is both playing and learning.

Construction and transportation toys keep brains on the go building brain connections. And this brain building is important for readiness for kindergarten. How do things go? How do they fit together? As children play they are imagining and creating. These are powerful skills – they are the heart of innovation and they begin as children play. Other learning strategies include: manipulating, stacking, fine and gross motor skills, visualizing, counting, spatial orientation, balancing, measuring, comparing, colors and shapes, to name a few. Either on their own and with others, kids imagine and pretend, organize and plan. As kids play together they practice cooperating, problem solving, and negotiating.

Both boys and girls enjoy playing with construction/transportation toys as they discover and explore, learn and develop kindergarten readiness. “With their brains in their head” they will go far. In the words of Dr. Seuss, “There’s fun to be done.” Do you agree?


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