Kindergarten Readiness – Body Position in Space Sense

In doing this month’s series of blog posts on brain development and kindergarten readiness, I learned that we have more than 5 senses. Apparently, we have 7. In addition to taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing we have the sense of movement and of our body position in space. In a way, would that mean that we are all Space Cadets? If we add in our 6th sense and these 2 body ones, would that mean we have 8 senses?

The best way to explore body position in space is Saturday morning, calmly horizontal while sleeping in. Sigh…somehow it’s not the same as it was BK (before kids). Plus, Saturday morning seems to have an entirely different agenda for children.

No matter, what your plans are for the day, there are ways to help kids explore and strengthen this sense of body position. Babies smile and giggle when we snuggle them in our arms and tip them to each side. Kids turn and twist their bodies every which way on playground monkey bars. A yoga mat on the floor can be lots of fun for little ones as they discover different ways to bend.

Here’s a fun video I found on Youtube from My First Yoga.

There are other ways to help your child play and have fun while learning about body position. Does your weekend have time for an activity like swimming or a visit to the playground? Inside the house, tip toe on toes or walk down low like big dinosaurs. Have your child balance on just 1 foot then the other. This can be quite challenging. Kids often try to walk on a low wall or curb. This is a great way to practice body position in space, as long as it’s safe. Learning about their own bodies and making these brain connections are indeed part of kindergarten readiness.

What are some other ways to support children as they discover this body/space sense? Wonder how long at a time they could do the Mummy pose?

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