Pirate Fun Activities For Kids #20: Swim Time

Especially in the summer, there is a high chance that kids will be playing near or in the water so learning to swim and be safe around water is an important life skill. A friend posted today that she was taking her kids to the pool and invited others to come too. Since our pool has a special pirate play area, it’s a pirate fun and learning activity and also highlights how regular activities that families are already doing encourage kindergarten readiness.

  • Physical movement activities are necessary for both bodies and brains. Swimming uses repetitive actions that alternate from one side of the body to the other. This helps the brain to learn patterning and coordinating strategies. It also promotes muscle development.
  • pirate fun and learning activitiesNot all children are confident and eager when it comes to learning a skill. For these kids, it is important that they have lots of time and experiences. Other children have the opposite concern; they need to learn to slow down and not just rush right into the deep end. Lessons from swimming teachers or direct instruction from parents and caregivers will help kids, whether reluctant, impulsive or in-between.
  • Listening to instructions and following directions will be part of the day when children are at school. These are also skills that kids begin learning at home. At the pool, we all help kids practice doing just that.
  • Enjoying physical activities will be key to a balanced lifestyle so it’s important that we include them for kids.

Pirate section in your pool or not, kids–and pirates–can have some fun and learning time splashing and playing in the water. Does your local pool have family swim time and lessons for kids?

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