Kindergarten Readiness: Easter Sense of Sight Activity

The sense of sight gets lots of extra fun at Easter that supports children’s early learning, brain development, and kindergarten readiness.  While sight is a primary sense channel, all sensory information is important for interacting with the world. At Easter, there’s so much to see: chicks, bunnies, colorful eggs, green grass, and a neighborhood wearing signs of spring.

Easter sense of sight activityFor a sense of sight Easter activity, kids can color Easter eggs. A tradition at this time of year is to dye eggs. This can easily be done with food color baths made with water and vinegar, but there are other ways. Families will often have a favorite recipe to use, but there are many alternatives. In this photo, it’s easy to see the concentration and focus of this child, as he carefully watches what’s happening to the eggs.

Easter sense of sight activityAnother easy way to color eggs, is to use coffee filters and paint dabbers. Cut some white filters in the shape of eggs. Both Little Sister and Big Sister enjoyed this activity. Little Sister made a few dabs with each color. She often put one color right on top of another. Her eyes were drawn to the first dots she made and her hand followed her eyes. Kids will often do this and end up painting a hole right thru their project. By asking her if there were any parts that were still white, she spread the dots around.

Easter sense of sight activityBig Sister also used all the colors but instead of just random, she made lines that looked like decorated eggs.

Kids love the magic of colors and eggs that happens right before their eyes. Eyes will get quite a workout when it comes time to hunt Easter eggs.

Has an egg ever been so well hidden at your house, that nobody could find it, no matter how hard eyes looked? How will your family color Easter eggs?

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