What Makes Summer Magical for Kids? Movement Fun!

Movement Activities Are Magical

Summer is here and to all of us, play takes on a new dimension. Each season has its own highlights but summer means more time to be outside. For many families, one way to be outside is to go camping.

importance of physicl activity for kidsCamping reduces our “house” to the size of a bedroom, but sure increases the size of our yard! it seems like an amazing trade off. While adults like camping because they get a chance to sit and relax, kids like camping because there are so many opportunities to be on the go and active all day long. Just think of all the packing, carrying and hauling, into and out of the car. Then, there‚Äôs all the bending and lifting. Once at the site, there might be swimming, climbing, hiking, running, digging, pushing, pulling, tugging, playing in playgrounds, and more.

Big Sister and Little Sister, and all the other kids there, discovered a hill at the weekend’s camp spot. The favorite activity was rolling down the hill. They all had their own styles and preferences. Little Sister, being barely 3, would roll a few times, stop, look around, and roll some more. She seemed to go down at an angle and would sometimes roll across the hill. Big Sister, being 5, somersaulted down the hill. It certainly looked more challenging and riskier.

During the early years, children’s bodies are growing and developing, and that includes figuring out all the ways that bodies can move. Kids practice their muscle skills by being active. Movement and physical activities make important brain connections for learning such things as math and language. Generally, physical development is assessed as a part of kindergarten readiness. All children’s preschool programs will include time in a day for movement fun.

What makes summer magical for kids? Being able to run, jump, roll, swing, climb, and more. At home or away, for a play-of-the-day, are there some ways that your child can move and be active?

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