Cooking with Kids: Watermelon Fruit Pizza #1

Cooking with kids is an awesome–and tasty–way to combine fun, learning, and family time, plus encourage healthy eating. This watermelon pizza is a great way to celebrate the start of summer!

cooking with kidsAccording to the calendar, Summer starts June 21st if you live in the top half of the planet, but in North America the first big summer celebrations happen in July. Depending on which side of the 49th parallel you call home, that’s either July 1st or July 4th. If your family lives close to the border you might even celebrate both holidays for double the fun. I love when I find a recipe that’s yummy enough to make twice and this watermelon pizza is another double: delicious and easy.

First, cut the watermelon into triangle slices. Grownups need to do this part. Using a picnic or plastic knife, kids can slice a banana into circles. Now for Canada Day, kids place the banana circles on the watermelon triangles, just like a pizza.

There’s even some math fun. How many circles fit on 1 triangle? Are there more slices of bananas or more pieces of watermelon? Some kids will answer there is more watermelon because the watermelon pieces are larger than the bananas.

Watermelons were more fun to eat when we could have contests for spitting the seeds the farthest but trying to keep the banana pieces from sliding off are almost as much fun. It’s impossible unless you turn the slice and eat it like a pizza.

Check back for Watermelon Fruit Pizza, Part #2 in 3 days when we do this again. Question: We’ll need another color. Can you guess which fruit we might use?

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